The Association of South Jackson Neighborhoods (ASJN), is a non-profit organization chartered under the laws of the State of Mississippi with the objectives of securing (1) the orderly and attractive development and maintenance of the southern section of the City of Jackson and the southern section of Hinds County, as herein described; (2) the fair and equitable distribution of the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship throughout the City of Jackson and Hinds County; (3) the improvement of the quality of life for residents of the area defined below; and (4) To establish, enable and empower individual Neighborhood Associations of the South Jackson Area.
Membership is open to any person 18 years of age or older, organization, or business residing within the area described as follows: The northern boundary shall be the Hwy. 80 corridor. The eastern, western and southern boundaries shall be the city limits of the City of Jackson (From By-Laws)
The Association of South Jackson Neighborhoods (ASJN) is non-partisan,
non-sectarian and is not biased for or against any cause, organization, candidate, official, individual or group.

The Need for Neighborhood Associations

Meet the neighborhoods' common goals

Provide residents with the tools to help resolve issues for their neighborhoods

Empower the neighborhoods to help control what happens in the area

Provide the neighborhoods with an effective communication link with government officials and other groups

Allow members an opportunity to take part in the decision making that directs the neighborhoods' actions

ASJN exists to bring individuals, organizations, and business in the South Jackson area together to meet their common goals with greater empowerment.

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Dues are $15 per year for individual or association membership

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